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Which One Is Recommended For Developing A Small Business Website In 2022 – Laravel Or Codeigniter?

Despite the abundance of options in the web development sector, veteran developers often prefer PHP for making websites and applications. PHP web development has not lost momentum or popularity over the years, despite the arrival of so many new technologies and tools. However, the notable change is PHP developers nowadays prefer using CMS and frameworks based on the language instead of resorting to laborious manual coding. There are several PHP frameworks to pick from, and two top contenders are Laravel and CodeIgniter.

A detailed comparison between Laravel and CodeIgniter

Using a PHP framework to develop a business website or application is definitely a good idea but picking the apt framework is what you need to do. Laravel and CodeIgniter both come with their respective strengths and limitations. Unless you compare the frameworks in detail, you will not be able to fathom which one suits your requirements better.

  • The basics-Laravel and CodeIgniter

Laravel is an MVC architecture-based open-source PHP framework launched by Taylor Otwell. It is meant for hassle-free and full-featured web app development. It is based partly on Symfony, which is another popular PHP framework. Laravel was designed to overcome the drawbacks of existing PHP frameworks, and so it ships with components and modules that reduce the need to use repetitive codes. It is preferred a lot by developers for expressive syntax, ease of usage, and flexibility. 

CodeIgniter is denoted as an influential minimalistic framework powered by PHP. It is ideal for creating dynamic websites. CodeIgniter does not rely on the MVC pattern. It also remains a favorite with veteran PHP developers owing to its security and superb data encryption procedures. It is a lightweight framework having a minimal footprint.

  • Speed

Typically, CodeIgniter-based applications tend to run faster than those made with Laravel. However, you can find laravel developers with years of expertise who can tweak the modules and components of Laravel to speed up application load time and boost overall performance. CodeIgniter-based applications run fast owing to Cache tags deployment.

  • Application architecture

When you pick a PHP framework for web application development, the flexibility and scalability of the application architecture have to be assessed. Laravel makes use of the well-known MVC architectural pattern. It eases the development process. CodeIgniter adheres to a test-driven development approach and integrates with Javascript frameworks. In terms of scalability, both PHP frameworks score well. Laravel applications can be scaled horizontally using a good database. CodeIgniter is lightweight, and that makes scaling apps based on it simpler.

  • Ease of Testing

No matter what PHP framework you have chosen for web application development, testing the app is mandatory. Or else bugs and security loopholes in it cannot be detected. Laravel developers utilize its embedded unit testing features that automate the testing process to a large extent. Laravel also ships with extensive testing documentation, and developers get all tools they need for several rounds of testing. There is no need to look for third-party APIs. CodeIgniter is not as powerful in the testing department as Laravel, but it does pack in a simple evaluation function.

  • Database Support and migration

Web applications and even websites often need to be linked with databases. So, the web development app you choose should be capable of handling various database systems. Laravel supports many popular database systems like SQL, Postgres, MySQL, and SQLite. Setting up multiple database connections is not complex when Laravel is used, and you hire laravel website development experts. CodeIgniter supports MySQL, SQLite3, and PostgreSQL, but it needs specific drivers for syncing with these database systems. CodeIgniter, however, supports more databases in finer analysis.

CodeIgniter lacks features to ease database schema migration. A codeigniter development agency needs to deploy additional measures for this. However, Laravel ships with an embedded database agnostic migration feature. This reduces the need to compose complex code. 

  • Community Support

When creating any web application, developers may come across hurdles, and this can happen to developers using any PHP framework. Laravel enjoys the support of a vast online community. There is Lara cast- a set of useful Laravel video tutorials which developers find useful. Additional online resources for Laravel are only growing with time. The CodeIgniter community is not as big that of Laravel, but it is adequate for the developers. 

  • Template engine

Laravel has earned applause for its integrated Blade templating engine, and this helps in speeding up and simplifying application development. CodeIgniter, on the other hand, lacks sic dedicated templating engine.

  • Security

When making a website and application, deploying adequate security measures is very important. Hackers try to find loopholes in web applications, and that may lead to serious implications. So, picking a web development framework with robust security features makes complete sense. Laravel ships with enough danced security features. CodeIgniter does have some security features but lags behind. Besides, Laravel scores owing to its embedded authentication class strait.

When to use CodeIgniter for web development?

You should opt for CodeIgniter to develop a web application when/if:

  • You want to develop e-commerce portals.
  • You want the application to be fast.
  • You wish to develop simple and functional websites.

When to use Laravel for web development?

You should opt for Laravel to develop a web application when/if:

  • You want to create a large and complex website.
  • You want to make a SaaS-based web application.
  • You wish to develop a Multilingual CMS system.
  • You want to make an On-demand streaming app.
  • Application security is of utmost importance.

Picking the right web development agency matters

Whether you pick Laravel, CodeIgniter, or any other PHP framework for developing a website or application, it is imperative that you hire an apt agency. There are plenty of PHP developers offering such packages, but you need to hire an expert contender for your brand. For this, you will have to evaluate a Laravel or codeigniter development company using some vital parameters.

  • Check the tenure and expertise of the agency first. Some such agencies specialize in Laravel development, but there are some others that offer Laravel and CodeIgniter development as one of their packages. 
  • It is always better if you sign up for an agency that has a vast client base. Check out if it has worked for clients hailing from multiple sectors. Keep some time for checking out client feedback as well.
  • To find out if a PHP development agency is suited for your needs or not, you have to check out its portfolio well. Check the websites and apps made by it using frameworks like Laravel. Are the apps running well, or are there any lagging issues? Also, look for security measures deployed in the apps and assess the UI. 
  • Before choosing any agency offering PHP web development services, ensure you learn about its service terms as well as support provisions. This is necessary if you want to evade hassles later.

Summing it up

Both Laravel and CodeIgniter have their respective advantages and limitations as far as web development is concerned. You need to think of user needs and priorities when picking anyone. In any case, hiring a good development agency is a prerequisite.


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